You came to the right place! Planning a school fundraiser can be overwhelming, especially if you are a school administrator, teacher or parent volunteer with limited time and no design or sales experience. Don’t worry. MOD Studio® is here to help.

At your initial meeting with MOD Studio® we will help you establish your goals for the fundraiser. We will review past spiritwear fundraisers your organization has held so we can help build on the successes to improve for the next one. We will discuss what type of spiritwear items you’d like to include in your sale and how they fit the demographics of your community.
Since MOD Studio® is also a fashion retail boutique, we are in tune with current styles from popular brands and will use this trend knowledge to develop cool and unique styles for our spiritwear customers. We will review your deadlines and build out a development, sale and delivery calendar.

We understand that this can be one of the most intimidating aspects of a spiritwear fundraiser. How do you come up with a great spiritwear design? One that will encourage kids and families to purchase more school apparel? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! The team at MOD Studio® has over 25 years in the design industry and we can bring your ideas to life either by using your logos and mascots or creating new designs that fit your school community.

Many spiritwear sales require you to manage the sales process, collect cash or checks, and deal with returns or sizing issues from your students and families. At MOD Studio®, because we already have an online retail store, we handle all of that for you! Your organization will have a personalized online spiritwear store page hosted right here on our website, so your volunteers are able to focus on other things while we take care of the orders and families have an easy and secure way to place their orders from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.
MOD Studio® will individually package and label each order for you by student name so that all you have to do is distribute it! No more counting and sorting through loads of t-shirts, matching sizes to orders, etc. We try to make this as easy as possible for our spiritwear customers.

MOD Studio® will provide you with all the assets you need to promote your spiritwear sale. First, we will provide a custom flier to share with your community via email, social media, or to print and send home with students. It will include color photos and prices for each spiritwear item, as well as a personalized QR Code and password for ordering. We will send you social media ready images for you to promote your sale to your community.

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